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Neuroport Gym Equip work with many of the fitness industry’s leading fitness equipment suppliers such as Life Fitness, Precor, Matrix, Jordan and Cybex and some of the biggest health club chains in the UK such as David Lloyds, DW Sports, Neuroport Gym Equip, The Gym Group and Nuffield Health carrying out all manners of fitness equipment related projects such as installs, extractions, relocations and servicing.


Our number one goal here at Neuroport Gym Equip is to sell our equipment at competitive prices. We want to help realise an owner’s dream of starting a private gym without charging unaffordable prices for equipment. We want to give people the choice to have a commercial fitness machine in their home that will last them a long time without asking for the high retail prices so many companies do.

Why Choose Neuroport Gym Equip

Quality Equipment

At Neuroport Gym Equip, we provide the best fitness equipment. Our products are not not just of high and top quality but we also have the most affordable prices with regards to others.

Money Back Guarantee

We strive to build a large customers base world wide that is why we offer you money back guarantee. If the product you ordered for is not what you received, we refund you so long as the product is in good shape

24/7 Customer Service

Our large and welcoming customer service is made up of people who are will and are  always ready to respond to you at time including public holidays and even on Sundays .

Brand New Equipments

MATRIX Fitness MG-PL71 Plate Loaded Hack Squat - Commercial Gym Equipment

Fairly Used Equipment

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